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Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies

Center for Judiac, Holocaust, and Peace Studies

Remember Us So We May Remember Them

The Center’s Mission seeks to strengthen tolerance, understanding, and remembrance by increasing knowledge of Judaism and Jewish history. In addition, understanding the culture, teaching of the history and significance of the Holocaust. In by doing so using these experiences to explore peaceful avenues for human improvement and to promote the prevention of future genocides.

Academic Minor

One way the Center endeavors to achieve its goals is through the academic minor in Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies. Not simply a program in Jewish Studies, this unique approach allows students to choose three areas in which to focus their intellectual interests. A Faculty Advisory Board constantly evaluates the course offerings to ensure the established curriculum will impart a critical, contemporary view of the three areas.

Martin & Doris Rosen Summer Symposium

The Martin & Doris Rosen Summer Symposium "Remembering the Holocaust"

Through the generosity of the Rosen Family and of the Claims Conference for Material Reparations, the Center is able to sponsor an annual symposium for North Carolina middle and high school teachers. The week-long event teaches teachers the history of the Holocaust, the urgent lessons the Holocaust imparts to humanity, and presents teachers with innovative methodologies for presenting these materials to their students. The 30-35 teachers who participate are provided with scholarships to enable them to afford to engage in the symposium. Each event is also open to the general public at no cost.

Study Abroad Possibilities

Study Abroad Possibilities

The Center offers students the possibility for study abroad. A specially designed course takes students to France and Germany in first session of Summer School to visit explicit sites linked to the Holocaust. Students who apply for this course have the possibility of gaining a scholarship to defray their travel costs. Students can earn six academic credits.

Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

The Center sponsors a variety of outreach programs ranging from film series each semester to speakers, from photographic and art exhibits to performing arts programs. Over the past several years, the Center has promoted such as events as lectures by visiting scholars such as Michael Berenbaum, Carl Wilkens or Jonathan Hess, panel discussions dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict or the rise of Neo-Nazi political groups in Eastern Europe, or exhibits of materials that promote an awareness of the Holocaust or the dangers of racism in contemporary society. Each of these events is free and open to the general public.