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Passover, the Jewish holiday that celebrates the story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, is one of the most important Jewish holidays on the Jewish calendar. The holiday includes eating matzoh (unleavened bread) in commemoration of the Jews’ departure from slavery, when they did not have time for their bread to rise. In addition, Kosher for Passover foods are eaten for eight days in observance of the holiday. The Passover Seder begins with the reading of the Haggadah (the Jewish text for Passover) to retell the story of our ancestors’ liberation from bondage.

The Mountaineer Passover Dinner is the most anticipated event that Appalachian State Hillel hosts each spring. Hillel’s Mountaineer Passover Dinner consists of a traditional Seder, and a traditional Jewish meal with matzo ball soup, kosher chicken, kugel, and other tasty Jewish foods, provided by Appalachian State University’s Food Services. The event has had a lot of success in the past, welcoming more than 150 students, faculty, and community members each year. The Mountaineer Passover Dinner is co-sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies, and North Carolina Hillel. The Hillel Board is delighted to invite students, faculty, and members of the High Country community to the Seder. Our goal is to educate and provide a program that is inclusive. Many non-Jewish guests attend our event each year. For the Appalachian State students who are unable to go home to participate in Seders with their families, this is truly a highlight of the spring semester.

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